Mantegna Tarot

What is the Mantegna Tarot?
It is quite entertaining to think that the so called “Mantegna Tarot” was not made by Mantegna, nor was it a tarot. With its directness and interactivity, it is a key in unveiling the wisdom of the Italian Renaissance, and making it applicable to our contemporary times in a direct manner. The Mantegna Tarot is based on 50 engravings, numbered from 1 to 50 and labelled from A to E (S, in another edition). Designed in Italy during the 15th century, influenced by the art of the Estensi Court in Ferrara, these engravings were copied and spread across Europe.

Are there modern editions of the Mantegna Tarot?
Yes. My favorite one is the Mantegna Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. Availability of this and other Tarot decks is variable. You can use this Tarot deck together with our EXSTATICA Self-Help Essentials: Unleash the Transformative Sparkles of the Renaissance Mantegna Tarot

Are there more books about the Mantegna Tarot?
Yes. If you speak Spanish, I recommend El tarot de Mantegna. Availability of this and other Tarot books is variable.