The glory of the Italian Renaissance is very well-known, worldwide. A less known fact is that its Spiritual Sparkle comes from Judaism, especially from the Exstatic Kabbalah of Abraham Abulafia, and the work of Flavio Mithridates as translator for Pico della Mirandola. But this is going to change with the upcoming eCourse, and book, titled “EXSTATICA”, that will bring awareness to this historic fact, and also help people to live a meaningful well-being.

Enter now, for free, to win 100 copies of the “EXSTATICA” book, scheduled for release on April 22nd! 20 printed copies will be mailed to 20 lucky winners, selected randomly through the newsletter subscribers, and another 80 lucky readers will receive the digital version. And anyone who joins, gets the EXSTATICA eCourse, for free!.

Discover the four spheres of Exstatic Wellbeing, understand where you stand now, where you want to go, and how. The course starts on March 8th 2017. By participating, you will expand your awareness about your behaviour, emotions, cognition, what mattes in your life. How these spheres develop and express in harmony, and how much of what you do, feel, think and care about comes from your true self, and how much from external conditioning. The EXSTATICA eCourse is free. It comes in five sessions, with videos of about 10 minutes for each week, will be made available, one at a time. Then, you have seven days to watch the video and do your “exercises”. The following Wednesday, a new video and related exercises are posted. It is important to take part in the session regularly, on a weekly basis, any day you want within those seven days.

The only courtesy we ask you, is to answer the weekly email you will receive, indicating how you rate your wellbeing from 0 to 100 for that week. You will receive a total of 6 emails, one before the course starts, and five with the login info for that week meeting. The overall trend (stable, ascending, discending) will be made public after the course finish, but of course the individual scorings will be kept confidential.